My goal is to give you an empowering experience and help you fully see your value in this world.

My studio is located in Downtown Crete, Nebraska, just a short, beautiful 20 minute drive from downtown Lincoln.  Contact me.  Talk to me. Ask me ALL the questions and then, when you're confident that you don't need to look any further for your photography, book me.  I will hold your hand every step of the way to assure that you're making this decision and investment confidently.  We will make a wonderful team!

Our Process

Every session with me is consistently unique. My first goal is to empower you and help you bravely have the session that you want.  My second goal is to create beautiful art for you to remind you just how amazing you are.


We all need to know what to expect.  From the beginning I will strive to answer all questions and set realistic expectations so that you know exactly what you get when you choose me.


Our sessions are based on trust.  You trust me to create beautiful, high-quality images for you and I honor wherever you are in your amazing journey.


Elayne Woods has spent the past several years building her photography business to become one of the most sought after wedding photographers in Lincoln and surrounding areas. Her work captures the joy and excitement of your most important days in creative and unique ways.

Elayne holds a bachelor’s degree in graphic design but her passion is photography and that is evident in her work. She grew up on a farm on the sweeping plains of Nebraska and captures the essence of that simple beauty in a modern and elegant form.  

When she isn’t working, she is spending time with her three sons, and her husband, camping, kayaking and hiking. She is a lover of everything outdoors, bluegrass music and brainstorming new ways to express her creativity.

all about Elayne

- nature walks
- coffee shops
- the color blue
- tall mountains
- family


A woman who knows what she brings to the table is not afraid to eat alone

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a photoshoot that completely transformed my perspective on myself and my body. I have always struggled w body image and was self-conscious and lacked confidence in my appearance. However, Elayne made me feel comfortable and encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone. The result was a series of amazing photos that captured my spirit and confidence. The experience allowed me to embrace my body and embrace the unique qualities that make me who I am. I had a blast during the photoshoot and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to boost their confidence and have a fun and empowering experience. Thank you for helping me see myself in a new light!


Self-confidence is especially fleeting for women. We spend our childhood immersed in books and movies that tell us we must have a prince to be complete. In high school, advertising and media convince us there is a "perfect woman" we should aspire to be. As adults, we are never good enough because someone always has a different opinion of who or what we should be. I have struggled many times to define or refine myself based on other people's perceptions or expectations. When I was turning 50, I really struggled for a bit. I have had surgery like 12 times for medical issues or injuries. I have more days of pain than I like to admit and I have scars inside that rival those others can see. I have been a mom for as many years as I have not. I wear hearing aids and have a HUGE computer monitor so I can read my screen. The list of "defects" is long. 

I spent months before my birthday trying again to figure who I should be - losing weight, getting new clothes, trying to exercise. After a lot of work and reflection, I ended the year with the realization that I am not perfect, and I don't need to be. I decided to mark the moment with a photo shoot - just to record who I really am. I was excited and scared and jittery and shy and so many other things because I rarely let others see inside. But Elayne was amazing! From the moment I walked in the studio door, I was comfortable and she was kind and patient and we laughed and I may have cried a bit. And I had a BLAST just being me. The result - photos that convinced me that I really am beautiul from the inside out and that I really like me - just the way I am - flaws and all. #girlpower #agegracefully #loveyourself


"Don't look any further... Elayne is a must have when looking for someone to photograph your special event. I was so pleased with the photos taken during my engagement session! Having made the session both fun and relaxing Elayne was able to capture the love I have for Clint. It was decided right then and there that she would take my wedding photos. If you are looking for someone that will take quality photos, Elayne is the way to go. It's easily a 5 star rating for me. I can't thank you enough Elayne!"

Clint & Emma

"We hired Elayne for our wedding and couldn't help but hire her for pictures at our 2nd anniversary! Her work captures the emotion, energy, and moment in such a creative and fun way! I am continually blown away by her work. On top of that, she is a blast to work with!"

Tyler & Kristin

Empowered Clients

Elayne Woods